Terms and Services

ReviveCheats asks for all customers and or site users to follow these terms, a failure to abide by said terms can and will result in the revoke of your purchased good and a ban from our services.

1. Introduction

ReviveCheats aims to keep this terms agreement as simple as possible, if you have any questions about this agreement please join our Discord link in the header.

1.1. By accessing and using this website, you accept and agree to be bound and abide by these terms of services.

1.2. Updates to these terms may be made at any given time.

2. Our Rights

We have the right, without provision of notice to:

2.1. Revoke access to our services.

2.2. Revoke or terminate your access to purchased products if an important term is broken.

3. Refunds

A refund can be made only if the product is eligible for refund, see 1.1 for terms on refunds.

3.1. In order for a product to be considered refundable, the customer must either: Have a defective product (Key is not working, Service is down, Product no longer exist, etc), Want to exchange the product or finally the customer can have mistakingly purchased said good(s).

3.2. If you apply to any of the reasons stated in Refunds 3.1 you are eligible for a refund. Please join the Discord and create a support ticket.